Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the bob

my sweet friend jessie and her mom gave us the bob jogging stroller as a gift for jett.
the bob can be used as a jogging stroller (now i don't have an excuse not to run after jett is born)
but it can also be used as an everyday stroller.
we debated for a few weeks if we should use the bob as just our jogging stroller....
or if we should by the car seat adapter and use it as our everyday stroller.
we decided to buy the adapter.
so me being the handywoman that i am, installed the car seat adapter.
the car seat fits great.
all we need now is a baby.
hamilton helped as well.


Amy said...

I bought the Bob and the Mclaren and I only use the Bob. It is the best stroller ever! I have decided when we have baby number 2 I am going to get the Bob duallie and be done with it!

lindsey fusch said...

looks great sista!