Sunday, September 6, 2009

tagliarini picchi pacchiu

so i mentioned in a post the other day about this special meal at carrabba's that has the potential to induce labor. well, today patrick and i went to carrabba's for lunch to see if this dish really existed. we asked the waitor if they had a dish that is notorious for inducing labor (knowing it was a ridiculous question), and he said he'd never heard of anything like that, but went and asked the manager...turns out the tagliarini picchi pacchiu is the famous dish. so i ordered it. supposively the oils and spices are the elements that cause labor to start. for all i know the waitor could have pointed at any item on the menu and had me convinced...but either way i did enjoy this dish and definitely recommend it even if you are not trying to induce labor.

so far i am still pregnant, and there are no signs of labor in the near future.


lindsey fusch said...

omg that is my favorite dish EVER there. didn't i tell you in your last post that is what you should have!?!? it's so tasty! be home tomorrow so tell jett he can come out now.

Anonymous said...

so funny. looks good too.