Sunday, June 28, 2009

grandpa gary and grandma come to town...

saturday morning mom and pop came to houston with a uhaul full of baby furniture...some of our friends in dallas graciously gave us all their baby furniture so now we are set! now all we need are the essentials and baby T! and pop arrived and we unloaded everything relaxed for a bit then went to New York Pizzeria for a belated Father's Day lunch. yummm...pineapple and cheese pizza (one of my favs).

later and gd did man stuff around the apartment while my mom and i hung all of our pictures/mirrors. so now our apartment is finally complete.

thanks mom and deddy for all your help! wish you could have stayed longer!

hope everyone has had a cool weekend!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the whirlwind of june

what a month it has been. my lack of blogging has been due to the lack of internet, being out of town, moving, and life in general. june has been such a crazy month, and even though it's been somewhat enjoyable...i am extremely ready for july.

june consisted of several memorable events...starting with our 2 year anniversary, me completing 2 years at yellowstone academy (sad to say i won't be going back), an incredible, yet very exhausting, week at high school beach retreat (in which the child inside of my grew significantly during this week), moving 3 days later to kingwood, tx (finally), starting our two year commitment as a CARES team in kingwood, patrick having 5 consecutive days of a fever that ranged from 101 - 103.6 (possibly the swine flu), me realizing how strong my immune system is (praise God i did not get sick), attending our 26 week appointment only to find out i am now anemic and potentially could have gestational diabetes, went back to the doctor for the 3 hour gestational diabetes test today (find out the results tomorrow), and there are still 6 more days left in june...what a whirlwind it has been.

the last 6 days still have some excitement in them...patrick's grandma flew in today and will be here until sunday...and my beloved parents are coming down saturday (for one night : ( ) to bring all the furniture for baby t (which was so graciously given to us by the morrisons...such a blessing).

so i apologize for not being tedious in my blogging and maintaining a more consistant blogger life. i will try and do better in july.

back to unpacking...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

two years...happy anniversary patrick thurman

today we celebrated our two year is kind of scary how fast time goes by. i feel like i was just walking down the aisle yesterday. but what an amazing two years it has been...patrick has continued to amaze me and impress me day after day making me fall more and more in love with him. as we begin year number three tomorrow, i get excited about all the excitement that will take place especially in the next few months, and as our child grows, and as we figure out how to be the best parents possible for our patrick, thank you so much for these past two years of my life! i would never trade them for will be such an amazing father, and i am so proud of you! i love you!!