Thursday, June 25, 2009

the whirlwind of june

what a month it has been. my lack of blogging has been due to the lack of internet, being out of town, moving, and life in general. june has been such a crazy month, and even though it's been somewhat enjoyable...i am extremely ready for july.

june consisted of several memorable events...starting with our 2 year anniversary, me completing 2 years at yellowstone academy (sad to say i won't be going back), an incredible, yet very exhausting, week at high school beach retreat (in which the child inside of my grew significantly during this week), moving 3 days later to kingwood, tx (finally), starting our two year commitment as a CARES team in kingwood, patrick having 5 consecutive days of a fever that ranged from 101 - 103.6 (possibly the swine flu), me realizing how strong my immune system is (praise God i did not get sick), attending our 26 week appointment only to find out i am now anemic and potentially could have gestational diabetes, went back to the doctor for the 3 hour gestational diabetes test today (find out the results tomorrow), and there are still 6 more days left in june...what a whirlwind it has been.

the last 6 days still have some excitement in them...patrick's grandma flew in today and will be here until sunday...and my beloved parents are coming down saturday (for one night : ( ) to bring all the furniture for baby t (which was so graciously given to us by the morrisons...such a blessing).

so i apologize for not being tedious in my blogging and maintaining a more consistant blogger life. i will try and do better in july.

back to unpacking...

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lindsey fusch said...

you are in my prayers today.
july will be a GREAT month!
love you guys!