Thursday, July 30, 2009

operation cat and dog: unsuccessful

it has been 5 days since nina joined us, and my goal was for nina and hamilton to be best's not working out like i planned at all. we got nina on saturday, and by saturday night it was over. nina, although a very sweet dog, would not leave hamilton alone. so we had to come up with a plan for the week for each animal. while we are home, hamilton stays in our room, and nina gets free reign of the apartment, and while we are gone, nina is in the bathroom, and hamilton gets free reign. it is definitely so much easier having the two split up. i guess we won't be introducing a puppy into our home anytime soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

meet nina

nina is our black furry hyper and sweet friend that we are babysitting for the week.
patrick's parents are on vacation so we offered to watch nina. there is just one problem. we have one of these...

although, hamilton is a very sweet cat, he is not sure what to think about this black thing that is his height and barks really loud. so what does hamilton do??

hisses, swats, and growls at the dog (did you know cats can growl???) so right now, nina chases hamilton and hamilton just growls and then swats when he gets the chance. my goal by the end of the week is for the two to be friends and cuddle with each other...i'm not sure if it will actually happen, but i will definitely keep you posted.

time away

last sunday, patrick and i went to dallas for a much needed break from the norm. this was patrick's first time back since christmas. where has time gone...?

we both had such a great time. our quick trip did begin with some VERY exciting news!! when we arrived at my parents there was already a houseful of people, and then my sister and blake came in shortly after. we celebrated blake's 30th, and just spent time together...HOWEVER, shortly after lindsey and blake arrived, lindsey brought out a box of cupcakes from sprinkles (so delicious). on top of these 6 cupcakes were baby bottles. we all immedietaly thought since i am prego that they were "in honor of me." but i was wrong...they were trying to tell us something, and no one caught on...basically i am going to be an aunt AGAIN this year!! my big sister is pregnant! i am sooo extremely excited and happy for she and blake. she is 6 weeks today, and her estimated due date is sometime in march. so our kiddos will be the same age which is exciting. what's also exciting is my sister-in-law katie is due 5 days after me, and lindsey's sister-in-law is due in december. so there are going to be a lot of babies this year.

anyways...patrick really wanted to go to the rangers game while we were in dallas. so my dad made a few phone calls and was able to get patrick and his buddy aaron tickets for the rangers vs. boston game on monday night right behind home plate. he had so much fun. while he spent his monday with aaron, i was enjoying some very much needed time with my mom and sister. tuesday we went to seven which is the young adults service at gateway church. preston delivered an incredible message, and then we went out to dinner with preston, holly, brooke, and the kiddos. anytime we are able to meet with preston, we always leave feeling so encouraged and refreshed. he and is family are such a blessing to us in so many ways.

well, it's time to do some homework...stay tuned for some pictures of our little house guest this week. : )

Friday, July 10, 2009

28 weeks

I just completed my 28th week of pregnancy. I literally cannot believe how fast time has gone by...even though I do feel like I have been pregnant forever! We had our 28 week appointment this past week. Everything is great. Baby Boy Thurman weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and should be about 15 inches long. My doctor did tell me to lay off the carbs : / and the nurse told me my cheeks were chubby. I've attempted to lay off the carbs, but it is hard! Everything has carbs, and I have no idea what are considered to be "good carbs" and what are "bad carbs." So I guess in the mean time I'll try, but I'll probably just continue to put the weight on. Oh well...

I am going to the doctor every two weeks which is exciting. This baby of ours is EXTREMELY active. I love love love to feel him move. 90 perecent of the time my hand is on my stomach chasing him around. Such an incredible feeling! I can't imagine what it will be like to hold him in my arms...only 11 more weeks!

stay tuned!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

83 days to go...

i have officially entered the third trimester, and like clockwork i can already feel it. i am 2 days into it, and i am becoming more and more easily exhausted as the days pass.

some of my third trimester symptoms are: due to the heat (and drought) here in houston, i am banning myself from leaving our apartment during the hours of 7am and 8pm...(like that will happen). but this heat is absolutely miserable!! i USUALLY am one to withstand heat so well, but not this year. carrying baby boy thurman has made a huge difference on how i handle the heat...and it's not even august yet. : / 3rd trimester symptom # 2: the longer i am on my feet, the larger they become. they really are not too swollen yet, but i can feel it slowly coming on. i find myself most comfortable sitting in the rocking chair with my feet up. so that means...all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping is up to patrick, right... 3rd trimester symptom # 3: there is not any room left for my bladder. during the day, i have to pee at least once an hour if not twice an hour. and at night i am up about every 2 hours making more room for baby t. (sorry for TMI) i don't even remember what it was like to sleep through the entire night. 3rd trimester symptom # 4: my body temperature is wayyy up. we sleep with an ocilating fan in our bedroom that practically blows on me, and i am still hot. poor patrick, on the other hand, is curled up in a ball as close to me as possisble absorbing all my heat because he is freezing.

i must say though that all of these symptoms that i have experienced and will continue to experience will be SO worth it...

only 83 more days...28 weeks