Friday, July 10, 2009

28 weeks

I just completed my 28th week of pregnancy. I literally cannot believe how fast time has gone by...even though I do feel like I have been pregnant forever! We had our 28 week appointment this past week. Everything is great. Baby Boy Thurman weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and should be about 15 inches long. My doctor did tell me to lay off the carbs : / and the nurse told me my cheeks were chubby. I've attempted to lay off the carbs, but it is hard! Everything has carbs, and I have no idea what are considered to be "good carbs" and what are "bad carbs." So I guess in the mean time I'll try, but I'll probably just continue to put the weight on. Oh well...

I am going to the doctor every two weeks which is exciting. This baby of ours is EXTREMELY active. I love love love to feel him move. 90 perecent of the time my hand is on my stomach chasing him around. Such an incredible feeling! I can't imagine what it will be like to hold him in my arms...only 11 more weeks!

stay tuned!


Irish Brit said...

Hey! Glad to hear everything is going well! Can't believe you are this far along either! Seems just like yesterday I was reading your first blog!

Carbs: bad ones would be like pasta, bread, mashed potatoes, butter, basically the really fattening ones! Good ones, will be in good foods like veggies and whole grains. :)

the thurmans said...

I know!! How are you doing?? Thanks for the tips! It helps! Hope you have are having a good weekend!