Friday, August 28, 2009

35 weeks

i am officially in my 9 month of pregnancy.
i can't believe it.
i will be 36 weeks tomorrow.
time is flying!

doctor's apoointment went well today.
she did the group b strep test...blah.
jett weighs probably 7 pounds right now.
most likely will be an 8 lb baby.
she said he probably won't be chubby.
just long. (not surprising...considering)
and most importantly, he has dropped. : )

my big round ball of a baby.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

my apologies

my apologies for not blogging as i should have been. it feels like i have been non stop the past few weeks (which i have) and now i am just trying to enjoy these last few weeks of pregnancy.

since my latest post...i have been showered and blessed by some of the sweetest people. i had a shower in dallas that was given by my mom and sister two weeks ago, and this past weekend i had a shower that was given by erin, michelle, sonya, julie, leslianne, erika, and lyndsey...some of my dear friends from second.

dallas shower photos:

me with mi hermana

me: 34 weeks katie: 33 weeks, lindsey d: 24 weeks, lindsey f: 9 weeks

sweet riley
jessie marie
houston shower photos:

mom and linz

we also have FINALLY completed the baby may remember that we were given all the baby furniture, and decided to have it antiqued. we were not too pleased with the outcome of the furniture. so the past few weeks my amazing mother in law spent all of her free time fixing it. it looks sooo much better. i'll post some nursery pics soon.
we also have officially decided on a name. patrick and i have tossed around several names, but we came back to the one that we had picked out long before we were even pregnant.
Jett Elijah Thurman
we wanted a biblical middle name. so i gave that job to patrick. after nights of studying, praying, and looking at the geneologies, patrick finally chose Elijah. he also, intently, gave him the initials JET. i felt like for the longest time that we would never have a name for this sweet boy. i'm so grateful that we both have a peace about this name, and now we are just ready to meet him!
update on pregnancy and Jett:
i am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant. i have definitely had my share of braxton hicks. i am going to the doctor weekly now. so each friday i can give you an update on where we stand, and hopefully he will be here sooner rather than later!
i'm counting on labor day. : )

Sunday, August 9, 2009

beyond exhaustion

a little of what my sunday looked like...
woke up at 8:00am
went to kingwood bagels
went to starbucks
attended youth bible study
attended elevate
went to the leaders meeting (went for the food) : )
used steel wool on...the crib, armoire, rocking chair,
ottoman, nightstand, trash can, and changing table...then,
did minimal sanding to these pieces.
my wonderful mother-in-law did the deep sanding.
bagged cookies for the new residents
did some more sanding
ate dinner at chuys
i feel like i ran a marathon today...
baby t, patrick, and i are hitting the sack pretty early tonight.
tomorrow is patrick's day off :)
we are going to put a white wash on all the furniture.
should be will be up soon.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby T News

today i went to my 32 week appointment. i can't believe i will be 33 weeks tomorrow, and i can't believe i will most LIKELY have a baby within the next 7 weeks! it blows me away!

doctor says that he is very low right now which is good. not sure why it's a good thing...i think it has something to do with his position for delivery, i don't know. he also weighs about 5 pounds. she thinks that he will probably end up being a 7 pounder when i reach term. she did say there was a possibility he could be bigger, but she doubts it. thank you Lord. i weighed 8.3 and pt weighed 9.5. so a 7 pounder would be wonderful!

next appointment is on the 21st and during this visit we will talk about crazy!

the hiccuping baby and i are going to get some rest now...stay tuned.