Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby T News

today i went to my 32 week appointment. i can't believe i will be 33 weeks tomorrow, and i can't believe i will most LIKELY have a baby within the next 7 weeks! it blows me away!

doctor says that he is very low right now which is good. not sure why it's a good thing...i think it has something to do with his position for delivery, i don't know. he also weighs about 5 pounds. she thinks that he will probably end up being a 7 pounder when i reach term. she did say there was a possibility he could be bigger, but she doubts it. thank you Lord. i weighed 8.3 and pt weighed 9.5. so a 7 pounder would be wonderful!

next appointment is on the 21st and during this visit we will talk about crazy!

the hiccuping baby and i are going to get some rest now...stay tuned.

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The Grays said...

yay! i'm supposed to remind you to register for your baby classes at the hospital. :) can't wait to meet that little guy!