Saturday, July 25, 2009

time away

last sunday, patrick and i went to dallas for a much needed break from the norm. this was patrick's first time back since christmas. where has time gone...?

we both had such a great time. our quick trip did begin with some VERY exciting news!! when we arrived at my parents there was already a houseful of people, and then my sister and blake came in shortly after. we celebrated blake's 30th, and just spent time together...HOWEVER, shortly after lindsey and blake arrived, lindsey brought out a box of cupcakes from sprinkles (so delicious). on top of these 6 cupcakes were baby bottles. we all immedietaly thought since i am prego that they were "in honor of me." but i was wrong...they were trying to tell us something, and no one caught on...basically i am going to be an aunt AGAIN this year!! my big sister is pregnant! i am sooo extremely excited and happy for she and blake. she is 6 weeks today, and her estimated due date is sometime in march. so our kiddos will be the same age which is exciting. what's also exciting is my sister-in-law katie is due 5 days after me, and lindsey's sister-in-law is due in december. so there are going to be a lot of babies this year.

anyways...patrick really wanted to go to the rangers game while we were in dallas. so my dad made a few phone calls and was able to get patrick and his buddy aaron tickets for the rangers vs. boston game on monday night right behind home plate. he had so much fun. while he spent his monday with aaron, i was enjoying some very much needed time with my mom and sister. tuesday we went to seven which is the young adults service at gateway church. preston delivered an incredible message, and then we went out to dinner with preston, holly, brooke, and the kiddos. anytime we are able to meet with preston, we always leave feeling so encouraged and refreshed. he and is family are such a blessing to us in so many ways.

well, it's time to do some homework...stay tuned for some pictures of our little house guest this week. : )

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