Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Little Trooper

It's been quite the week! Jett's surgery has finally passed, and I am SO glad it's over. We arrived Monday morning at Texas Children's at 5:30 AM for his surgery that was scheduled for 7:30 AM. Jett was great as far as the whole not eating thing. I fed him the night before at 11:30, and he started to get fussy about 30 minutes before surgery. After arriving, and waiting in the wrong waiting area for 45 minutes, they finally checked us in at 6:15. They took his weight and checked all his vitals, and all that good stuff. From there, they moved us to pre-op. We changed Jett into his hospital gown (I didn't know they made these for babies). During this time, we met with the anathesialogist, nurses, residents, and doctors, signed forms, and spent our last few moments with our sweet boy before surgery. This was the hardest part for me. Knowing that I had to pass him off to complete strangers, and trust that they would take care of our baby, and trust God that nothing would go wrong. Probably one of the scariest moments of my life.

Jett went into surgery 7:25. We waited about 2 hours before we met with the doctor. Doctor said everything went great. The surgery was a little more extensive than they thought. It turns out Jett had a hernia on one side, and hydrociles on the other. After meeting with the doctor, they FINALLY took us to see Jett who looked exhausted, but he was happy as can be. What a trooper. We were in recovery for maybe 20 minutes until they sent us home. Despite everything, we had a great experience.

Well...the medicine had to wear off at some point. Monday Jett was in a lot of pain, but we made it through. He slept great Monday night and Tuesday night. However, he started running fever on Monday and has kept it all week. Fever can be attributed to an infection which we DO NOT want. So his doctor put him on an antibiotic to prevent any infection. We go back tomorrow hopefully to see that there is still no infection. He woke up today for the first time without a fever. : )

Here are some pictures of this week.

Jett in pre-op sporting his hospital gown.

Jett in recovery.
Playing with his new favorite toy...his oxygen mask which they let us keep.
About to go home
Getting some fresh air by the pool
Playing with his first baseball daddy bought him
Patrick and I greatly appreciate all your prayers. We have had so much support from all our family and friends which means so much! Please continue to pray that his fever does not return, and that he doesn't have an infection!


The Hunts Happenings said...

so wonderful how things turn out! what a strong baby boy you have:) keep us posted and we will continue to pray, love and miss you all!

Danielle M. Long said...

i'm so happy he is doing well! i know you are glad it is over. i will pray for no fever or infection. please keep us posted!

The Grays said...

praying for your little guy...glad things went pretty well and are over. love you guys