Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 months - 11.24.09

Dear Jett Elijah,
I cannot believe another month has come and gone.
You are changing SO much!
Your smiles are becoming more frequent...and the occasional laughs bring me joy.
You have discovered your hands.
You are very intrigued with them.
When you look at them you study them hard.
Sometimes you make fists and swing them looks like you're boxing.
You love laying on your back while playing in your gym.
You took your first road trip this month.
We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving.
You did great...only made one stop for you.
You still start off on your side when you sleep...
but you are usually on your back when you wake up.
You love laying in our bed and watching the ceiling fan.
You also find that the sound of the hair drying is soothing...just like me. : )
I cannot imagine my life without you.
We love you so much Jett!

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