Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Since the day Patrick and I said "I do," God has blessed us immensly. We were blessed with a position on staff here in Houston at Second Baptist, moved here 2 days after our honeymoon. Ministered to students in Pearland for a year and a half, and then transitioned to the student ministry at Second's North campus this past January...which meant we had to move to Kingwood. So we packed up our things 6 months later and moved to Kingwood this past June. In June, Patrick and I started a 2 year commitment with Apartment Life. Basically, we work for our apartment community planning events and we are given the opportunity to minister to our neighbors. Well, our 2 year commitment is coming to an end 17 months January. Our apartments have decided to cancel our services due to the economy. With that said, we are packing up again and moving. Where? Good question. We have no idea. Our area director is confident she will be able to place us in another community in Kingwood.

I am finding it to become pretty regular in our lives that our trust and faith in God is tested time and time again. I feel like we have gone through several seasons in our 2 1/2 years of marriage, where we truly have to get down on our knees and give it all to God. As much as we would like to stay exactly where we are for the next 17 months, God has something else planned. I'm so grateful that in times like these when we come across the unexpected we can immediately turn to God because His hand is on whatever the situation may be. So in the mean time, I will cling to Philippians 4:6-7 and we will continue to pray for guidance and wisdom. We know His direction will be given to us over the next couple of weeks as we figure out where we are going to live.

And of course, I can't blog without mentioning this little guy...

As you can see, he is smiling. Warms our hearts. I'll give a more lengthy Jett update soon.

stay tuned.

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robyn said...

Meredith, I just love how you trust God and are so quick to look to HIM for what you need. I miss seeing you at the Stone. <3 robyn