Tuesday, April 7, 2009

seasons of adversity

yesterday i talked to my mom on the phone and she read me this passage from a devotional. it was really encouraging.

"perhaps you are in a season of adversity right now. do you trust the Lord with your thorns, or are you trying to pull them out on your own strength? God is up to something big in your life when He allows suffering to remain, but gives grace to supersede it. cooperate with Him, and exalt in His loving wisdom and sufficiency."

this is very relative to our life right now. we are and have been in the midst of trial for a few months now. everything in our life has been a transition from patrick's new job, the baby, moving, my job that i don't have yet, and more. i have been so confident that the Lord has a plan in all this. i'm grateful that i have been able to hold on to that during this season of the unknown. although i have been holding on to God's promise in james 1:2-4, it seems that i still find myself defeated and discouraged. i have to remind myself that i can't pull each of these painful thorns out on my own. i need God's help.

sitting in the unknown is an uncomfortable place to be, but thats when God can really move in your life if you depend on Him and let Him. he will continue to guide our steps one step at a time. God's grace has been so sufficient during this time, and the renewed strength and provision He has given us has been so sufficient just like His word promises.

thanks mom for that extra boost yesterday...i needed it. : )

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Anonymous said...

I SO relate to what y'all are going through...we are just coming out of it. We really believe this is our time of favor -after the storm! We will be standing in prayer with you guys during this time. In the midst of all, God has blessed you with a little life that will bring you so much joy-everything else will fall as it may-in place. There is no greater joy than being a parent & all the sacrifices are worth it! We love you guys & we believe in you & the God we serve together-Munseys