Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it's not a girl or a boy...yet

we had our 3rd ob appointment yesterday. i asked my doctor if we could find out what we were having and she said, "yeah you your next appointment." blah, not what we wanted to hear. oh well. four more weeks until the big day. other than that, the appointment went well. i had to drink this sunkist drink that tasted just like my favorite orange medicine that i used to take as a kid. patrick kept saying, "chug chug chug chug..." to get the show on the road. after drinking that we were able to hear the heartbeat through the dopplar which was really special. 172 beats per minute...then we had to wait in the waiting room for an hour before the magic orange liquid did what it was suppose to do (it was a test for diabetes...since we have a couple cases of diabetes in our family, they wanted to do it earlier than usual). patrick got in a good nap during this waiting period. then they took my blood and we were outta there.

our next appointment will be with a different doctor at a different facility. i think this is the "big sonogram" where they do all the measuring and so on...supposedly it is about 45 minutes long. we'll see.

back to work...more later : )

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