Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa Come to Town

My parents came in town for a very fun and relaxing weekend! Our main goal today, actually all week, was to go to the Houston Zoo. Great idea, right? After all, we purchased a Zoo Pass last May and have yet to actually get our money's worth. Well, it turns out everyone and their dog, literally, had the exact same idea that we had. So after searching aggressively for a parking spot for about uhhh...30 minutes, not to mention the restless toddler who was not in his car seat for 29 of these minutes, we got the heck out of dodge. After escaping the mad chaos, we finally made our way to an empty parking garage. We paid 1 buck to park, and made our way to Discovery Green. It ended up being the prefect afternoon, and it was a great way to wrap up the day. Not to mention, Jett LOVED the freedom!

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