Sunday, November 21, 2010

Destin: Day 1

Day one has been a success despite the minimal sleep from last night. The 15 passenger van loaded with Patrick, Jett and I, Tim (Patrick's brother), Katie, Macie, LT and Dee left Houston around 4:00 PM last night. After a couple stops, one of which was a sit down dinner at Cracker Barrel, we finally pulled into our Condo around 3:45 AM. Macie slept about 80 percent of the way, Jett slept about 5 percent of the way. All that to say, we were very, very, very tired, and woke up tired, of course. BUT that is okay...because we are on vacation, and our agenda for the week is full of R&R. Here are few pics of day one! You can find more here.


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