Monday, November 1, 2010

Canton, How I Love Thee

somehow...i managed to live an hour away from canton
for 19 years of my life,
and never experienced this AMAZING place until now.
i will definitely be making another trip here soon!

here's a glimpse of what i found.

originally going to be my sewing desk,
but it is too small...
writing desk instead, i still love it.

this is my prayer for our home.

boxers. yes, jett is wearing boxers.
so cute, i might add.
his name is monogrammed on the rear.
my new sewing project: boxers...they look super easy.

there is one more special item to come,
that i can't wait to blog about.
stay tuned!

1 comment:

Danielle M. Long said...

i love that you have started sewing! i'm super jealous! i think i'm going to ask for sewing classes for x-mas. i keep putting it on my list of "wants" but there never seems to be time. keep blogging on what you are making. and i LOVE the monogrammed boxers...super cute! :) -Danielle Long