Monday, October 11, 2010

The Birthday Boree

Just a quick sidenote before I have probably seen my reference to Jett as a "boree." Weird, yeah I know, but special. It's something that my dad and I say when talking about Jett, and we've called him this since we found out I was pregnant. It was originally apart of a silly saying, "Little boree," that came out of my mouth more often than not growing up. To most people it was annoying, but to my dad, he loved it. And he is crazy about Jett. I'm crazy about my dad and Jett, so there you go, I love my borees.

ANYWHOOO...Jett did turn one! Over two weeks ago. Can someone please explain to me why time seems to literally fly once kids come into the picture?? Being a mom has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I'm sure all you moms can relate when I say I can't express the love that I have for Jett, and every single day this love for him grows. I'm crazy in love with my little one year old...

We battled the first ear infection the week leading up to his party. Glad that's behind us, but we did have a great birthday party. We had our close family and friends come out to the pavilions at our church to celebrate. He toddled around, cried when I forced him to eat cake, and opened presents...well, I opened presents. We then finished off the weekend with my family. I was so grateful they were all able to come down. It's great being only 4 hours from home. Thank you everyone who helped celebrate Jett's one year!

Currently, we are battling an unexplained fever with no other symptoms?? I find it strange that he even has a fever (going on 3 days now) considering he hasn't been around other children in a week. Anyways, I would appreciate prayers for our of the party will be up soon.

Be blessed!

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Gary said...

I love a good boree.