Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thurman Happenings

Wow...I've been busy. That's the story of my life though. I don't think life will ever be calm, quiet, still ever again. But for the most part I kind of enjoy it. Let's start with my new job. I started the first of June as a nanny to a 6 month old little girl named Evelyn. The great things about this job is I am able to bring Jett, and I am able to get homework/CARES stuff done while they sleep. (Yes, they do sleep at the same time which is AMAZING!) The bad things about this job is that it takes me an hour to get to their house, an hour at the LEAST to get home, it can get pretty boring, I work everyday...honestly, I would prefer to be doing something else. I'm grateful that I have it, but I'm not going to say that I'm not looking for something else. ; )

Apartment Life is going great. It really is a blessing that we are able to do this right now. I finally feel comfortable with how things are going, and for the most part, the residents appreciate and love some of the events we put on.

School...well, school is school. I'm ready to be done. I'm close, but just a day closer. I still have a good solid two years in front of me. I am finishing up my last 5 classes this summer at HCC online, one of which is Spanish. Not too sure what I was thinking when I chose that class as an elective. Only 9 more weeks of that...blah!

I've lost my train of thought...I was just interrupted by a fowl smell that led to Jett's bottom. It ended being probably one of the biggest blowouts he's ever had. Since Evelyn is sleeping in her room (with the changing table) I had to tackle this blowout on the living room floor. Yuck! I still smell like poop. However, I did realize that it is ALWAYS important to have these on hand. Even if I have only used them one other time in the last 9 months!

Hope this faces brightens your day!

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lindsey fusch said...

it definitely brightened mine! xoxo