Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Labor Story

So I know it has been 8 months, but this is something I have been meaning to do. Mainly for me, so I can document this, remember details, and compare the next time around. So here goes...

Let's start with Tuesday night. The night where sleeping didn't happen. For the first time my contractions were actually painful. So between contractions and having to use the restroom every 30 minutes or so, sleep was not taking place.

Wednesday came. Patrick and I went to the doctor for my 39 week appointment. I was about 70 percent effaced, and 1 1/2 cm. The doc said I would probably last through the weekend, and the baby would come during the week sometime. (Not what I wanted to hear.) My contractions were still strong but not frequent. I just kept monitoring them just in case they decided to escalate.

Patrick went off to work, and I laid around the house trying to get some rest. Wednesday night, I made my way up to church for Overdrive. My contractions were definitely starting to strengthen, and as we went to Wendy's afterwards, I was becoming more and more convinced that I was starting to go in to labor. Patrick and I went home about 9:00. I took a shower. After my shower, I laid on the couch with a notepad, pen, and my phone. I started timing my contractions and they were every 2 - 7 minutes. After doing this for an hour, I called the doctor, and she said to come on in.

We got to the hospital around 11:00 PM. The nurse checked me and said I was still about 1 1/2 cm, and 90% effaced. We then began the 2 hour walk in circles to determine if I was actually in labor. After about an hour, I told the nurse that I would really like to stop because the pain was starting to increase. She checked me again, and said I was progressing so they admitted me.

We made it to our room around 12:15 AM. I wanted to hold off on the epidural as long as I could. They started me on a drip of pain medicine which mainly minimized the pain. Patrick and I tried getting sleep, but between nurses coming in and out, and my contractions, I enjoyed night two of no sleeping. (Who knew that would last 8 months) At 5:45 AM, I finally got my epidural which was AMAZING! From this point on, it was a breeze...well almost.

Patrick's parents came around 6:00 AM, and my parents and sister arrived around 8:30 AM. In the midst of all the visiting, the nurses would come in and out monitoring, and everything was moving right along. I was given pitocin around 11:00 AM, and I was progressed to a 5. Around 12:00, I fell asleep for 10 minutes, and the nurse came in to check me, and I was a 10 and fully effaced. TIME TO PUSH!

This is where the breeze turned into a storm. At first, I was thinking this isn't so bad. This will be a piece of cake. But after 3 pushes, 4 pushes, 5 pushes, I eventually lost count, it wasn't so breezy anymore. After an hour and half of pushing, our almost 10 pound bundle of joy popped out.

It was such an incredible experience that I really do want to hold on to for the rest of my life. I can't believe it has been 8 months!

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