Wednesday, September 23, 2009

we're making progress!

we went to our 39 week appointment, and finally progress has been made. i am currently 1 cm dialated (or 1 inch as patrick would say) and 75% effaced. although i was hoping they would just roll me over to the hospital and deliver this baby, that wasn't the case. the doctor did say he would be here soon (obviously), and don't be surprised if he comes a few days after my due date.

the only problem with all this, is the fact that last night can be recorded as my worst night during this pregnancy. i noticed my contractions starting to hurt yesterday evening, and as the night went on they became even more painful. so i was pretty much up all night laying in the deep pit that my body has formed in our bed. oh well...hopefully labor is close. if not, i can stick it out one more week...i think.

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