Wednesday, May 13, 2009

funfilled weekend

this past weekend i was finally able to make a trip to dallas to visit my family. it was very needed. i have missed them so much especially since i'm pregnant. i wish we all lived closer. but since dallas isn't too far...i hopped in the car with my in laws and they graciously took me to my parents. it was such a great weekend. my mom, lindsey, and i went out saturday and got pedicures, ate a good lunch at mi cocina...sooo good. (no mi cocinas in houston : / ), and then went was fun to do something like that considering its rare when the three of us are all together. i'm so grateful for this weekend and the time i was able to spend with them. i was able to spend time with some of my extended family that i haven't seen in awhile, and i was even able to spend time with one of my closest friends, jessie.

since i was around my sister the photographer this past weekend...she was able to snap one of many photos of my pregnant belly. i haven't been very good about keeping updated belly pics is one from this past weekend at 20 weeks along.

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