Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Finally Blog

I've given in...I know so many people who have blogs, and I keep up with my friends who blog, but I on the other hand struggle to keep up with these things. I have started several of these and each time I have failed to keep it up so I end up deleting them. So at my last attempt to blog, I told myself that when Patrick and I got pregant, I would start a blog. Now it's time.

As most of you know, Patrick and I found out that we are expecting a sweet baby on September 26th. We found out that I was pregnant on January 21st and it was a moment you dream of...yet it was still so incredibly surreal. I wish I could have bottled up those emotions that were racing through my body and kept them. Poor Patrick, on the other hand, had different feelings. I woke him up at 5:45 AM and yelled, "I'm pregnant!" His first response was, "What? No your not." Then the excitement kicked in....

My pregnancy so far has been a bit yucky...but thanks to the sweet gift of medicine that my doctor prescribed me I have had a great week. My first great week in awhile, which I am so grateful for. Anyways...Patrick and I are so excited about this new journey that we have begun, I will do my best to keep this updated about the pregnancy and our lives!


Lori said...

That's so exciting!!! Congrats, man I'm old!

Irish Brit said...

Oh my goodness!!!!